Use Cases

Selected real world use cases of JsWorld since its first release in 2008.

Web-based Point-of-Sales

JsWorld is used in one of the first web-based Point-of-Sale solutions. With Node.js it's now even possible to print out JsWorld-formatted receipts.

Multilingual online shop

A global VoIP provider integrated JsWorld into their multilingual online shop where customers come to purchase call credits and check their balance.

Accounting SaaS

JsWorld is built into an accounting application, to localise amounts in dynamic web forms, account statements, reports and charts.

Financial service

A financial services provider in the US utilises JsWorld in their real-time application, benefiting from features such as arbitrary precision formatting and ISO 4217 code support.

PayPal application

Since PayPal opened up its payment API in 2009 to external access a number of interesting apps have appeared. JsWorld supports all locales and currencies that PayPal works with.

Mobile application

JsWorld provides the entire numeric, monetary amount and date/time localisation in a HTML5 application for making payments and managing accounts on the go.