• JavaScript l10n and i18n library
  • Comprehensive formatting + parsing of numbers,
    currency and date/times in any locale
  • Ready locale data for 200+ countries, 300+
    languages and 100+ currencies
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Comprehensive JavaScript numeric, currency and date/time l10n

JsWorld is a JavaScript library for localised formatting of date/times, numeric and currency amounts. It consists of core localisation algorithms and a set of 300+ locale definitions updated annually from data supplied by the Unicode Consortium.

Date/time l10n Numeric l10n Currency l10n 300+ locales

Written entirely in JavaScript, JsWorld takes a novel approach by performing localisation inside the web client (browser) which allows for greater flexibility, in the style of modern Ajax / Web 2.0 applications. Be it in banking, online payment, retail systems or web CRM / ERP, JsWorld is your reliable localisation solution whenever a global audience must be served. See more use cases.

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What are the advantages of browser-side JavaScript numeric, currency and date/time l10n?

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The JsWorld library is available under a paid license offering full source code access and generous integration and redistribution terms. To check the license price and get the current version immediately go to the downloads page.

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The download package includes complete documentation in the form of JS Docs (also here online) and the latest available locale datafiles.

License holders receive JsWorld updates for 24 months at no additional charge. Get in touch if you have questions or wish to receive dedicated integration support.