Add comprehensive numeric, currency and
date/time formatting to your JavaScript
apps. 450+ languages supported.


Practical Java libraries and tools for JSON-RPC 2.0
development. See JSON-RPC Base, Shell,
Client and Server.

CORS Filter

No more ugly JSONp hacks! Serve cross-domain
requests to all modern CORS-aware

  • JsWorld
  • JSON-RPC 2.0
  • CORS Filter

For your next great web app project

Vladimir Dzhuvinov Four hugely popular libraries and tools, ready to serve in your next great web app project:

JsWorld - the leading and most comprehensive library for numeric, currency and date / time formatting + parsing in JavaScript, supports over 450 world locales out of the box.

Java CORS Filter - transparently adds Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support to your Java web apps. Offers a comprehensive and well tested feature set.

JSON-RPC 2.0 - simple Java libraries and tools for developing nimble web APIs and clients using the JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol.

JSON-RPC 2.0 Shell - the must-have tool for serious JSON-RPC 2.0 development.


7 October 2014 CORS Filter 2.2 adds support for Spring Bean configuration. Thanks to Mike Holdsworth for contributing this feature.

8 August 2014 CORS Filter 2.1.2 fixes an incorrect annotation that prevents the filter from loading in WebLogic. Thanks to Mario Däpp for reporting this.

7 July 2014 CORS Filter 2.1.1 fixes a bad regression bug that caused Access-Control-Allow-Headers to be omitted from preflight CORS responses. Please update now.

21 June 2014 Major 2.0 release of the CORS Filter for Java web applications. Servlet API 3.0 is now the minimum requirement which enables support of asynchronous requests. Thanks to Gervasio Amy from Argentina the filter can now preserve the CORS response headers in case the web application or framework calls reset(), e.g. on a HTTP 4xx condition.