JsWorld Examples


Numeric Formatting

Basic numeric formatting, en_US locale: Modifying the formatted output: Force precision of six decimal places (rounding where necessary): Exception handling:

Currency Formatting

Basic formatting, en_GB locale: Basic formatting, de_DE, hi_IN and pt_BR locales: Modifying the output format: Formatting a non-local currency, e.g. locale = en_US, currency = EUR: Using default ISO-4217 codes: Forcing shorthand symbol (1): Forcing shorthand symbol (2): Exception handling: Using brackets for negative amounts (en_US locale):

Date/Time Formatting

Current date/time formatting, de_DE locale: Date/time formatting using ISO-8601 input: Helper methods: Exception handling: Customising date/time formatting:

Numeric parsing

Numeric parsing, en_US locale

Currency Parsing

Euro currency parsing, de_DE locale Euro currency parsing using ISO 4217 code, en_GB locale

Date/Time Parsing

Date/time parsing, ja_JP locale